HEADCASE Resources

It is recommended that you read through the information relevant to your role in rugby before using the following resources:

Assessment of concussion (PDF 859kb)

Graduated Return to Play (GRTP) (PDF 1.6MB)

Headway Minor Injury Advice (PDF 37KB)

Community Rugby Injury Surveillance Project (2012/13 season report) (PDF 640KB)

Youth Injury Audit Report (PDF 2MB)

RFU Emergency First Aid course

RFU Immediate Care in Sport course

IRB Player Welfare and Concussion advice

HEADCASE pitchside advice card. Download here (PDF 3.7MB), or to order free copies of this card please send your name, address and the amount needed to health@rfu.com 

HEADCASE changing room poster (PDF 2.85MB)

HEADCASE printer-friendly poster (PDF 2MB) 

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