How To Get Involved In Rugby Volunteering

If you appreciate the benefits of volunteering at a rugby club and think you have something to offer, there are a number of ways to make it happen. Remember, be proactive, clubs are always in need of an extra pair of hands.

For those new to the game or new to an area, there are two simple methods:

Postcode search

Rugby clubs in your area can be found by a postcode search. This club finder will provide you with a list of teams in your locality.

Be selective. Click on the clubs’ contact links, visit their websites and chat to members to find an opportunity most suited to your skills and situation. Navigate your way through the club details and membership list, and you’ll soon find a details of relevant contacts at each club.

Speak to your local Rugby Development Officer

If you have a good idea of the type of club and volunteering opportunity you would like, contacting your local Rugby Development Officer (RDO) is a good starting point. Located regionally all over the country, our RDOs are knowledgeable about the clubs on their patch and can recommend suitable clubs and contacts.

Are you already a member of a club?

If you’re already affiliated to a club but do not currently volunteer, speak to your Club Volunteer Coordinator about your interests and skills. They will be able to advise you on what opportunities are available.  

For any general volunteering advice, please contact the RFU Volunteering Team via our contact page.

Pack to Family

The Pack to Family project has been working to provide the volunteers that made Rugby World Cup 2015 (RWC2015) a huge success the opportunity to continue their support to the game. The project has been working closely with the Constituent Body Volunteer Coordinators (CBVC) and the RFU delivery team who have provided localised support on the ground.


The project has already seen 190 Pack members new to rugby actively volunteer in the game since RWC2015. For more information on how to get involved why not take a look at how some former Pack members have made the transition- click here to read their stories. Alternatively watch how Sophie Freestone became a volunteer at Kenilworth RFC. 

If you would like to get involved with community rugby why not contact someone you met whilst involved in the Pack and enjoy the game together. Alternatively if you didn’t meet anyone who is an active rugby club member you can still contact a Pack member you met and visit your local club.

To find your local club please visit England Rugby’s Find Rugby Tool.

If you are an active rugby club member and would like to learn more about how to recruit and welcome Pack members please follow the link for more advice. Alternatively contact your local CBVC or Rugby Development Officer who can provide more information.