CBRE All Schools hits 500

  • 100 more schools take up rugby
  • 175,000 students took part last season 

As schools go back this week, there will be a 100 more joining the rugby family as part of England Rugby’s CBRE All Schools.

Since 2012, hundreds more state secondary schools and thousands more pupils are now enjoying rugby in England thanks to CBRE All Schools.

The 500 already involved at the start of this new school year will continue to expand, with the aim of extending the number to 750 by the time of Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan.

RFU Rugby Development Director Steve Grainger hailed the impact of the scheme.

“It’s great to see CBRE All Schools going from strength to strength as we enter our fifth season of running the programme," said Grainger.

Rugby participation has increased as the programme progresses. More than 175,000 students took part last season – up 35 per cent on 2014-15 – with 28,000 playing regularly in extra-curricular activity, a third more than last season. There were some 9,000 competitive games of any format played, an increase of more than 6,000 on the previous season (2,615 in 2014-15).

Sheffield Hallam University research has shown that 70 per cent of young people taking part in CBRE All Schools are more confident as a result (65 per cent in 2014-15).  Confidence has also built with another 2,800 students trained as ICAP Young Leaders joining the 1,600 who qualified last season.


"CBRE All Schools a key way for us to develop rugby in England and a lot of hard work goes in from teachers, volunteers and our local community coaches week in week out to ensure activity takes place in schools and linked clubs. I hope everyone has a fun and enjoyable season." added Grainger.

The aim for CBRE All Schools is to provide a link between schools and their local rugby clubs to allow players to transition from one to the other. 

With more than 170 community rugby clubs now connected to the programme, thousands of young players have already started playing regularly at a club. In addition, over 60 per cent of schools are running a mixed or girls’ programme, with 35 per cent of all the players female and 23 per cent schools delivering more rugby to girls than boys.

Over the next two months, students and teachers from the latest 100 schools joining the programme will all design bespoke rugby shirts at special Canterbury workshops.

Ciaran Bird, CBRE UK Managing Director, described the news as a "fantastic milestone" and added: “Sport has so many things to offer, from health and well-being benefits to developing skills like communication, teamwork and confidence.

"We firmly believe there is a great opportunity for business to play a role in encouraging more children, particularly girls to engage in sport.

"With over 175,000 children now offered the chance to grow and learn through rugby , CBRE look forward to continuing our involvement as we help England Rugby work towards its next target of an additional 250 schools in the programme.” 

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