Jones Q&A: Updates on injuries and previewing Australia

In the build-up to England's second Old Mutual Wealth Series Test match against Australia, head coach Eddie Jones provides an update on injuries, his reflections on Argentina and looks ahead to facing the Wallabies.

"There are two things that I want to talk about first. I'd just like to apologise for swearing in public, it is not acceptable so I apologise for that and I'll find a different way to express my frustration in the future.

How is Mike Brown progressing?

"Really well, he did some bike work today. There's a set protocol on the return to play and he's progressing pretty well at the moment.

So at this stage he's still in contention?

"Yep, I would think so."

Given his concussion problems a couple of years ago do you have do you have to approach his case with particular caution?

"I think the medical staff are very attuned of having the players welfare at the absolute premium and that's the first thing we take into consideration."

How do you think Anthony Watson went at full back?

"He went very well. He only had a little bit of training there so it was a very good exercise."

Were there any other injuries? 

"No I think we've got everyone back ready to train. We've got the apprentice [Marcus Smith] back so he's back in and he was cleaning the television screen as I accidentally wrote on it with whiteboard marker - I'm not a very technological person. Jonny May is back to full training this afternoon."

A couple of days on, how do you reflect on Argentina?

"Look, as I said after the game, I thought our effort and application was first class as they're a difficult team. I obviously didn't coach the team well enough, it's my fault the team didn't play well so I take full responsibility for that."

And your thoughts on Australia this year, how have they progressed?

"They got beaten by 50 points in their first Bledisloe Cup match and the last one they won it, so they've really turned it around with some very good coaching.

"I think Mick Byrne as their skills coach has definitely made a difference, you can see his influence on the team. Their selection's been good, their defence is very good, their set piece is strong, they're playing some good rugby and they're probably the form team in the world at the moment."