RFU upgrading its DBS site

  • The RFU is upgrading its DBS site
  • The new site will be rolled out over the coming weeks

Why is the site upgrading?

The site is being upgraded for a number of reasons – firstly, legislative changes can be implemented more easily on the new site which ensures we remain compliant.  User experience has been improved, plus the new site is compatible on most web, tablet and mobile phone browsers which makes the DBS application more accessible both to you and applicants!

When is the upgrade taking place?

Some of you will have already been upgraded, if so you will have received an email to confirm this. For the rest of you, we won’t be upgrading everyone overnight – we’ll manage the upgrade in a phased approach, upgrading regions and clubs over the next few weeks.

When your club has been upgraded, you’ll receive an email.  After that, when you next log into the system – directly or from GMS – you’ll be asked to review and update your user profile.

What’s changing?

There aren’t any major changes – the system will work in the same way as the current one.  But you’ll probably notice some enhancements to existing features and you’ll see a new page when you apply to DBS. 

Once you’ve been upgraded and updated your user profile, you’ll have access to some videos that will explain the changes.  These videos will remain available to watch again from the information area of your account.  In addition, the new system still provides on-screen help on each page.

Is there anything I need to do before the upgrade?

Partially completed applications won’t be saved when you upgrade, so we recommend you don’t start any new DBS applications until you’ve upgraded. As such, if you have an application that you need to submit urgently, please contact the RFU’s Safeguarding Team (safeguarding@therfu.com) so we can arrange for your upgrade to take place as soon as possible.

If you have been upgraded already, then any applications that weren’t fully completed (submitted) will have been cancelled. We apologise if this is has affected your club. In this scenario, a fresh application on the new system will need to be made.

We’re sure you’ll find the new system intuitive and user-friendly so thanks for bearing with us whilst we get everyone upgraded.

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