International Clearance

In accordance with World Rugby regulations, all players (both Youth & Adult) when moving to another country are required to obtain international clearance so they can play rugby for a club in that Union. In order to obtain clearance, an application form must be completed and signed off by his/her previous club to confirm that he/she can be de-registered. This form needs to be completed regardless of age, sex and whether or not you have previously been registered with a club in England.

This process should be started prior to moving to another country so that the required paperwork is received in time to enable the player to register with his/her new club. Each Union has their own clearance application form, which is tailored to their specific processing requirements. It is therefore recommended that prior to leaving that Union you obtain a copy of their form through your club and complete this prior to your departure.

Outgoing clearance – leaving England to play abroad

The following steps will assist you with this process:

  1. Download and complete a World Rugby International Clearance Application (even if you are already in your new country, this is the correct form that you need to complete); World Rugby International Clearance Form - England (PDF 144kB).
  2. Complete and sign the form (current Union = RFU), which will also require the signature of an official from the club where you are currently registered (Declaration on behalf of Current Club), confirming your release. Please note, if you are not currently registered or have never been registered, then you can direct your clearance application straight to the RFU.
  3. Once completed you can either email your form to, fax to 020 8892 4446 or send to Rugby Events and Competitions Department, Rugby House, Twickenham Stadium, 200 Whitton Road, Twickenham TW2 7BA.
  4. This will then be processed and sent directly to the new Union so you can be registered to play.
  5. If everything is in order then this will be processed within five working days.

Inbound clearance – returning to England

Below is a small selection of forms used by other Unions:

Once your application has been submitted to the Union for processing it will be forwarded directly to the RFU where it is logged for cross-checking at the time of registration. We can only accept endorsed clearances of the Union from the country you have just left and are unable to accept releases directly from your previous club. Level 1 - Level 4 clubs who are required to provide a copy of the clearance at the time of registration will be notified by the RFU when this has been received.

If you have any further queries please email