RFU Agents Registration Scheme

This scheme has been developed through extensive consultation and in partnership with the Rugby Players Association (RPA), Premier Rugby Limited (PRL), the Greene King IPA Championship clubs and the Association of Rugby Agents (ARA).

The principal objective driving this scheme is to create a regulatory framework to help ensure a minimum level of standard and quality control in the activities of rugby agents with the ultimate aim of driving standards upwards with education, up-skilling and integrity being at the forefront.

Under RFU Regulation 8, clubs or players wishing to appoint a person to act for them in relation to any approach, negotiation, arrangement or execution of any employment transaction, transfer or registration of any player with a club may only appoint a registered agent.

A registered agent is an agent who carries out agency activity in England (even if based outside England) and who is registered with the RFU.

Agents Review Board

The Agents Review Board (ARB) is responsible for the administration of this scheme and will meet regularly to consider all applications received for agents registration and determine the outcome of each. It will also review the agents regulations and related processes, recommending changes where appropriate.